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ICT Strategy and Development

Ph. D Antoine Casanova – Strategy and ICT development coordinator. He arises from a university doctoral formation in mathematical, linguistic and artificial intelligence. He is the author of articles and a speaker on the cryptography and the cryptanalysis. He is a world reference in the cryptanalysis of the Voynich manuscript. As expert of the Information Security, he implemented the security of systems for the Ministry of Defence, the European Community and for NATO. Within the framework of the strategy and the development of the activities in Defence and Air Traffic Management, he coordinates the actions of developments and partnerships for the ITC high-performance solutions and to high level of security.


The Voynich's manuscript language uses Latin abbreviations and its syntax is based upon syllogisms.

It seems that the folio 116v was written in abbreviated Latin language. For example, the famous word "oladabas" would be in fact the assembly of "o la dabas" for "omnis | littera | dabas" giving "all the literature you confided" and "michicon" a Latin form of "eucharisticon" for "thanking". I give you here the translation in english of the four lines belonging to this folio 116v.

- Line 1: The title is a set of notes whose last remains unreadable, for the first, the author of the folio 116v quantifies its results: "I could read 730 syllogisms certainly but 74 of them remain difficult to understand"
- Line 2: General: "My thanks for the reading that you have given me. It contains many qualities that captivate in a subtle way. It is an ordinary subject indeed that can not be done by a dignitary attached to the person of the Pape."
- Line 3: precision on the motivation: "It is a process invented to tend towards a perfection. Using mechanically a simple list of abbreviations"
- Line 4: mysterious formula: "All the Earth, the whole Earth, immorality becomes strong and your success is to have made the story / to have renounced the Devil. Cultural marriages make harmonious mixtures" .

These two translations are possible equitably: "to have made the story" and "to have renounced the Devil".

For those who know the French language, they can find hereunder the article "Les codes formels - Éléments de décryptage du manuscrit de Voynich (2017)".
The second article deals with the informal aspects encountered in the manuscript (for example: the symbolism of colors) and can help to understand the cryptanalysis described in the article hereunder too "Les codes informels - Eléments de lecture du manuscrit de Voynich (2016)”.

Le décryptage du manuscrit de Voynich
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et dans le Science & Avenir de Février 2018 "Le manuscrit de Voynich commence à prendre sens"
Interview de Laureen Bouyssou.

Dernier article
Les codes informels - Eléments de lecture du manuscrit de Voynich”, bulletin de l’ARCSI, 2016.

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Emission France 2 du 5 juin 2017

Hors-Série Science & Avenir Janvier-Février 2018.
Interview de Laureen Bouyssou

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Fac-similé du manuscrit de Voynich - Paroles "Il fait sens"
Interview de Marie Verdier

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L’énigme du manuscrit de Voynich face aux avancées de la cryptologie, 27/10/2016
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